Fall in Tucson

Even though it is nearly Thanksgiving, the daytime high temperature here in Tucson has not dropped much below the 80s.  That is, we are being unseasonable here.  Although the heat is certainly affecting humans, who are just a little edgy (although it would be hard to say exactly what that is about, what, with all the change afoot in this country), the fauna are discombobulated – or discomposed, as it apparently used to be called.  The ants are still in the kitchen, although they should have gone to bed weeks ago. Snakes seem to have started their over-wintering but lizards are still out.  A friend recently found an old Desert Tortoise crossing a busy intersection who was very ready to go to bed as soon as she (the tortoise, that is) had a vet check – 40 year old female in good health – and was put in a cardboard box in a dark cool closet.


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